At VP Plumbing, our extensive knowledge is backed by the use of the most reliable, high-quality materials. Never compromising our stringent standards for a buck; never cutting corners to save time, each of our licensed plumbers and support staff consistently keep our promise to our customers, delivering unmatched workmanship as well as stellar customer care.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, VP Plumbing is expertly adept at all levels of commercial plumbing.. After replacing hundreds of miles of ineffective or damaged pipes, correcting a myriad of code violations and installing entire commercial-grade plumbing systems of all types, we are the trusted source for expert plumbing in the Central Iowa.

We proudly offer superior skill in the following services:
● Large-capacity water heater installation, repair and maintenance
● Screw-and-groove piping repair and installation
● Hydronic system repair and maintenance
● Medical gas line installation
● Code corrections
● Water meter splits
● Backflow installs
● Service contracts for multi-family complexes
● Restaurant remodels
● Hotel updates
● Bathroom remodels

If you are questioning whether your plumbing system is up to par, or up to code, give the experts at VP Plumbing a call. We promise highly effective solutions and, with our workmanship and materials guaranteed to satisfy, we offer the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that your commercial plumbing system is first-rate. Schedule your appointment with a VP professional now.